Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Lynden Fair

The Lynden Fair has come and gone and it was fun! This was the first year for Alysse and her goats. She did really well and even won 4 ribbons (1 red and 4 blue). I have updated the Walgreen's' photo album with pics from the fair. We are also getting 2 twin baby goats to add to the family. I will post some pics of them and the kids holding the babies. All and all it was a good time but we are ready for school to start. We took it easy on the kids this summer to give them a break but next year will be a different story. We want to keep them busy and that way there will be less fighting and bickering during the hot summer days. Mom, I still don't know how you did it with 7 kids! I would have run away rather than deal with 7 different personalities. We had great weather for the fair but it seems that summer is coming to an end. I hope we get an Indian summer this year but I doubt that will happen.

Mojo is getting bigger and better every day. He is already 10+ lbs and as long as a wiener dog. I will try and post some of those pics also. Zoey has mixed emotions about Mojo but does like to play with him when he isn't such a bully. Hope your summer is going well.

1st day of school 08'

1st day of school 08'

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