Sunday, March 30, 2008

Got "MOJO"??

Well, we think that we have found our "MOJO". He is a Yorkie Poo from a local breeder and is 5 weeks old. We have met the whole family once and will visit one more time prior to picking him up in 3 weeks. They are all very cute and he will be a little bigger than Zoey. He will be more Yorkie than Poodle by the looks of it but that is just fine with us.

I am getting over the flu and so is Alysse. Hopefully it won't run through the whole family but one never knows. The thing that pisses me of the most about getting sick this time is that it started on my DAYS OFF, of course. Murphy's law I guess.

The name for the new puppy changed because Alysse does not want to remember all that happened with the other one so we decided to start new. We have been kicking the name "MOJO" around for some time now and this puppy just looks like a "MOJO."
Kelsey got my flu yesterday but still went to work. Alysse is better so now we hope that Elijah won't get next. He was sick with it once already so he should be safe, we hope!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Back to the drawing board!

Here we go again! We had the great misfortune of having to tell the kids about the Peanut mix up and boy was that hard!! I don't know if it is was gender or age thing but Elijah took it pretty well. Alysse on the other hand was an emotional wreck for about 30 minutes. Kelsey talked her through her feelings and they were all the same as ours. She was mad, hurt and pissed off about the whole thing. We explained the whole situation to her and let her cry it out. A couple hours later we were able to let her look for a new puppy on and that seemed to help. We are no where near getting a new puppy but have decided to start looking again. Janyce's daughter(Kellee) has offered to provide us with another dog from the same parents as Peanut but we are looking elsewhere at the same time. In a way we understand that things happen for a reason but that doesn't make the pill any easier to swallow. We don't harbor any ill feelings toward Kellee but are a little befuddled as to why she did not contact us prior to placing Peanut with another family. So the Peanut chapter has been closed and on to the next chapter, we hope!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Puppy Gate

Well it is official, we will NOT be getting Peanut as promised! The daughter sent us an email that she has already placed Peanut with another family but that we could have a different black puppy if we wanted one. In our heart of hearts we will not push the issue in light of the death of Janyce and the grief of her family. We have yet to tell the kids and are not looking forward to doing so either. We decided that we will start our search again. It is amazing how attached one gets to something that they did not even have yet. I just hope for the daughter's sake that she is telling us the truth because Karma can be a bitch! Peanut was the pick of the litter and I hope that she did not keep her for herself. She would have been a great addition to the family.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Puppy update

Just a quick update on "Peanut." We just received some bad news about the lady that we are buying Peanut from. It appears that she has passed away. We received an email from one of her daughters and it said that all pending puppies sales are on hold until after the funeral(03/18/08). After that date, we are to contact her daughter to see about finalizing the sale. We are hoping that things will work out the same as far as picking up Peanut but it would not be right to rush anything at this time. We did not even know that Janyce was sick and pray for her family in this sad time. We have not told the kids about this just in case something goes wrong with her sale.

I posted a pic of the wife and I because she was not happy that I did not have any pics of her on the Blog. She should be happy now, I hope!

Friday, March 7, 2008

What about your friends?

What about your Friends? I have recently contacted a lot of old Army buddies and every time I do my memory goes on overdrive. It is great to catch up with them and see where they are and what they doing. I was surprised to see many had remained in the service even after the Iraq war. I am not sure how many have been lost in the recent wars but I'm amazed how many made through alive! Some of our friends were left behind by our own accord or things did not end the way we thought they should. Life is too short and friends are an important part of life. I had decided not to keep in touch with one of my friends and just recently contacted her. She is doing fine and has a great life. So 15 years have passed and we can talk like we just saw each other yesterday. Time has been wasted due to stubbornness and pride. The search was just to put things in perspective and make amends. Now, if I could do that with all the other relationships that ended on sour note! Ha Don't let petty things cause you grief and cherish your friends.
Enjoy the new pics of "Peanut", we get her soon. Isn't she a doll?

1st day of school 08'

1st day of school 08'

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